"Go Go's Last Stand" - 11 x 17 - Acrylic on Foam Board

On 22 February 1968, while participating in the big push to recapture Hue during the Tet Offensive, "Birth Control" received some bad hits while pulling up from a gun-run and had to auto-rotate into the rice paddies about 600 meters NW of the Citadel walls.    Now, "Easy Money" had to try and rescue the downed crew, but came in hot and wound up between "Birth Control" and the enemy fire.    The crews became pinned down due to heavy fire from some thatched huts at the base of the city wall; then two Hogs from the 1/9th showed up and flew to within 100 ft. of the huts, coming to a hover about 10ft. off the ground, and fired a full salvo of FFAR's into the huts, which quietened things down long enough for the downed crew members to be evacuated.

"Mama's Prayers" - 11 x 17 - Acrylic on Foam Board

In December 1967, near Tam Quan, troops on point from D-1-12 were on their way back to camp from a Patrol when they were ambushed on the edge of a rice paddy, without much hope of effectively defending their position because their ammo was low and the only cover was small dikes along the border of the paddy.    "We can't get any closer to the ground, then all of a sudden the treeline starts exploding, out of nowhere, and this big helicopter appears on the scene; comming to a hover over us, spewing mind boggling fire into the trees; "As if hell itself had entered the battlefield!"    "Moving up and down our lines... then it is gone as quickly as it came!" Still hugging the ground, but a strange silence now fills the air!    "Thank God for Mama's Prayers!"

"Stump Jumper's Payback" - 11 x 17 - Acrylic on Foam Board

Around the first part of July 1966, aircraft #151 landed on a large tree stump after being shot down; she was repaired, then affectionately given the name "Stump Jumper".    After getting back on flight status, she participated in several missions up until 05 Aug 66,when she was involved in a freak accident involving a ground collision with another Chinook at Vung Tau Airfield, and completely destroyed.    Fortunately, the only injury in that incident was the loss of the Flight Engineers arm.

"Troubled Skies" - 11 x 17 - Acrylic on Foam Board

#154 "Birth Control" passes by Hong Kong Mountain as she and another Go-Go Bird depart from the "Golf Course" on a mission, through low clouds.    "Birth Control" was lost on 22 Feb 1968 in the rice paddies about 600 meters off the NW wall of the Citadel in Hue, while supporting Marines over on Hwy 1, in the closing days of the Tet Offensive.    After an intense firefight, "Easy Money" was able to rescue the downed crew and evade to Camp Evans.    Before an aircraft recovery could be organized, the NVA walked mortars up to "Birth Control", destroying her where she sat; crew member Walt Lacy later said: "She went out proud".

"Shooter's Odds" - 11 x 17 - Color copy: Original Destroyed

The ramp gunner on #154 "Birth Control", gives a thumbs-up to #145 "Co$t of Living" after obliterating a AA emplacement on top of a mountain somewhere in I Corps.    Unfortunately, on the 5 May 1967, while participating in action near Bong Son, "CO$T of LIVING" was lost when one of her M-24A 20mm cannon forward mounting pins vibrated loose during a gun run, causing the weapon to rotate upward and fire into the rotor system.    The aircraft pitched nose-up and tumbled straight to the ground.    All eight crewmembers perished.    Remembering 2LT HICKS, PAUL J,    CW2 WEIDENBACH, EDWARD J,    SSG TALAN, ARISTON R JR,    SGT ARZUAGA, JOAQUIN,    SP4 ONEAL, MELVIN JR,    SP4 RODRIGUES, GARY WAYNE,    PFC MAYO, PIKE POWERS,    PFC WHITE, WILLIAM ERNEST JR.

"Go Go's Last Stand #1" - 11 x 17 - Original Destroyed: Color Copy

This was the first "Go Go's Last Stand" painting, but was re-done because the artist made the sky blue, but it was overcast that day, and, I decided a better view would be from "Easy Money" looking back to "Birth Control", with the two 1/9th gunships in the picture.    The original painting was destroyed, along with "Shooter's Odds", so these color copies are all that remain.